Learning Environment

Our aim is to create a safe, happy and secure atmosphere for all children.  Our staff are caring people who treat children with respect, both in the way that they speak to them and by the interest that is shown for their welfare.  Every individual is valued equally, regardless of background, and is encouraged to do his or her best at all times.

We place great emphasis on providing a high quality learning environment which is attractive, stimulating and celebrates the life and work of the school.  It is our aim to present a well organised and tidy environment to children in which resources and work materials are readily accessible.

We are fortunate to have extensive grounds with two playgrounds, a large playing field and an Environmental Area.  We are always conscious of the need to maintain high standards of safety in our school and regularly conduct health and safety reviews.

We offer children a rich variety of learning experiences which will help them to grow and develop as well balanced and confident people.

A great deal of time is spent on the basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and mathematics.  We encourage children to enjoy these activities and to grow in competence in the skills on which so much depends.

We aim to foster in children a thirst for enquiry, a respect for truth and honesty, a desire to express themselves creatively and an eagerness to explore and extend their physical potential.  Work is planned to stimulate children’s curiosity about the world and to help them to begin to understand its environment, history and people.

Positive attitudes are important at Willand School.  We encourage respect for every person, whatever their ability, gender or ethnicity. We promote care for property and for our environment.  Children are expected to be courteous, co-operative, helpful and fair; to be industrious and to take a pride in well produced work.

We expect children to take responsibility for their actions and as they progress through the school to grow towards independence both in their thinking and in their ability to organise themselves and their learning.

We believe that the school and the community cannot lead separate lives.  Our aim is to bring the life of the school to the community and the life of the community into the school.  We achieve this by working in collaboration with families, the local community, including church and voluntary groups, local schools, agencies and businesses, in seeking to achieve our aims through the curriculum.