Key Stage 1 Phonics & Reading

Children are taught to read through synthetic phonics, where words are broken up into the smallest units of sound (phonemes). Children learn to make connections between the letters of written texts (graphemes) and the sounds of spoken language.

Alongside fun and child-centered daily phonics sessions, children access a structured reading scheme from a number of providers but mainly Floppy Phonics and Oxford Reading Tree which is linked to our progressive phonics programme. Children take home books to practise and consolidate reading strategies and phonic skills learnt at school. Children receive regular adult led Guided Reading sessions where they are taught to read aloud with feeling and expression. We aim to create an independent reader, who reads with understanding, fluency, enjoyment and acquires research skills. Children are also encouraged to take home other fiction or non-fiction books from the library to read or share with parents at home.

As children become more skilled, they are given access to Accelerated Reader (AR). Pupils read a book, take an online quiz which focuses on their understanding of the text and provides them with immediate feedback. Parents can opt in to receive emails which keep them informed of their children’s book choices and quiz results. AR gives teachers the information they need to monitor children’s reading practice. It enables them to make informed choices to guide their pupils’ future reading development. Reading is a skill that enables children to expand their knowledge of the world. Through reading and responding to imaginative fiction, poetry, drama and a wide range of non-fiction, children both gain pleasure and develop a competence in written language.