Prime Minister’s Broadcast 10/05/20

Good evening everyone. 

Following the Prime Minister’s broadcast this evening, I would just like to inform you all that we have not yet had the details of how this next phase will be managed. We are likely to receive more information in the next few days. Until then, we have to continue to manage the Emergency School as we have been doing for the last seven weeks.

Places at the school have to be requested and agreed in advance, using the consistent criteria of key worker and vulnerable children only, to ensure we have enough staff to safely supervise the children and maintain social distancing. 

For the moment the safest place for your children continues to be at home. Once we have more information, a plan of how to keep both the children and adults in the school safe and implement the latest guidelines, I will be in contact with you again. 

Keep safe and keep well.  

Anne Hawkins