Willand School Staff

Teaching Staff

Miss Anne Hawkins
Miss Amy Leather
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs  Hannah Telling
Special Needs Co-ordinator
Mrs  Bev Bosworth
PPA Teacher
Mrs  Sarah O’Meara
PPA Teacher
Mrs  Liann Hope
PPA Teacher

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

Mrs  Sarah Nisbet
Upper KS2 Co-ordinator
Mrs  Kelly Wright
Lower KS2 Co-ordinator
Mr   Jack Bridgeman
Mrs  Katie Kemp
Mrs  Pauline Maynard
Mrs  Emma Phillips
Miss Aimee Roberts
Miss Louisa Ruffle
Miss Leah Shapcott
Mrs  Kate Whittaker

Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

Mrs  Hannah James
KS1  Co-ordinator
Mrs  Michelle Pearce
Foundation Stage Co-ordinator
Mrs  Tanya Hamblett
Mrs  Jo Kyte
Mrs  Francesca Money
Miss Caroline Passmore
Mrs  Rosie Roberts
Miss Hannah Shaw

Teaching Assistants

Mrs  Jo Bellamy
Miss Danika Bond
Mrs  Sue Burman
Mrs  Emily Butt
Mrs  Kath Davis
Mrs  Julie Davison
Mrs  Laura Durovic
Mrs  Marina Fry
Mrs  Wendy Goff
Mrs  Sarah Jenkins
Mrs  Michelle Millen
Mrs  Louise Mort

Mrs  Emily Moss
Mrs  Tina Phillips
Mrs  Emma Roberts
Mrs  Linda Roberts
Mrs  Ruth Roberts
Mrs  Samantha Rose
Miss Katrina Smith
Mrs  Ruth Tapper
Mrs  Wendy Upham
Mrs  Jane Willcox
Mrs  Karen Williams

Non Teaching Staff

Parent Support Adviser

Mrs  Clara Rose

Administration Staff

Mrs  Angela Hills
Business Manager
Mrs  Christine Parr
Senior Administrator
Mrs  Lynette Owen
Senior Administrator
Mrs  Wendy Goff
Mrs  Jane Howard
Mrs  Heidi Simkin
Mrs  Sue Billings

Catering Staff

Mrs  Tina Coles
Kitchen Manager
Mrs  Sarah Clode 
Assistant Kitchen Manager
Mrs  Kelly Chidgey
Miss Sally Dennis
Mrs  Andrea McDougall

Mealtime Assistants

Mrs  Marina Fry
Mr    Martin Baxter
Miss Danika Bond
Mrs  Emily Butt
Mrs  Laura Durovic
Mrs  Amanda Ford
Mrs  Liz Hawkins
Miss Kirsty Hart
Mrs  Sarah Jenkins
Mrs  Joan Kelly
Mrs  Marcia Natu

Senior Mealtime Assistant
Mrs  Emily Moss
Mrs  Tina Phillips
Mrs  Samantha Rose
Mrs  Sharon Smith
Miss Katrina Smith
Miss Heidi Sweetland
Mrs  Wendy Upham
Mr    Martin Wilcox
Mrs  Karen Williams

Cleaning Staff - Devon Norse

Mr   John Isaacs
Mr   Peter Court
Cleaning Supervisor
Miss Lucje Bromiek
Mrs  Sylvia Diggle
Mrs  Sharon Marshall

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